As the region’s bulk water supply authority, Seqwater is charged with delivering safe, secure and cost-effective drinking water to 3.1 million people in South East Queensland every day. Seqwater manages the region’s major water supply dams and weirs along with conventional water treatment plants and other climate resilient sources of water such as the desalination plant and recycled water scheme. A 600 kilometre pipeline network, known as the SEQ Water Grid, moves water around the region. Most of our drinking water comes from rain which flows into dams, but it doesn’t always fall in the right place and sometimes we don’t get enough even when it does. That’s why we take a whole-of-region approach, using our Water Grid and climate resilient advanced water treatment plants to deliver safe drinking water and keep our community healthy and our region prosperous. We live in a climate of extremes and part of living here means we all need to have good water habits so there is enough water for everyone. There are simple things you can do around home, school and work to be water efficient.


·         Install water efficient devices and appliances

·         Take shorter showers

·         Do full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher

·         Don’t leave the tap running to brush your teeth or rinse fruit and vegetables – half fill the sink instead

·         Fix leaking taps and toilets as soon as possible


·         Avoiding watering the garden in the heat of the day and use a good mulch

·         Keep the pool cover on when the pool is not in use

·         Use tank water for watering the garden and topping up the pool

·         Check for concealed leaks on your property

·         Wash your car on the lawn


Photos courtesy of Seqwater